Calendar 2017

Fall term our regular meeting time is Friday 1-2:30 PM, and we will meet in room 117 in the Department of Linguistics at McGill (1085 Dr Penfield) (unless otherwise indicated). Please email Jurij Božič to be added to the email list, or if you wish to present some work.

All are welcome!

Please note, upcoming meetings below are subject to modification.

Date Discussion leader Topic Readings
Friday, January 13 Organisational meeting Discussion on the upcoming ACFAS workshop
Friday, January 20 All Head movement in syntax and morphology? Two handouts from the Workshop on the Status of Head Movement in Linguistic Theory (Stanford University, Sept. 16-17, 2016):

Gribanova, V. & Harizanov, B. (2016): Whither Head Movement

Harley, H. (2016): What Hiaki stem forms are really telling us

Friday, Feb. 3 All Head movement in syntax and morphology? Gribanova, V. & Harizanov, B. (2016): Whither Head Movement (the manuscript)
Friday, Feb. 10 Máire Noonan and Lisa Travis Revisiting Long Head movement
  • Borsley, R., M.-L. Rivero, and J. Stephens. 1996. Long head movement in Breton. In The syntax of the Celtic languages: A comparative perspective, R. D. Borsley and I. Roberts (eds), 53-74. CUP.
  • King, T. H. 1996. Slavic clitics, long head movement and prosodic inversion. Journal of Slavic Linguistics 4(1):274-311.
  • Rivero, M.-L. 1994. Clause structure and V-movement in the languages of the Balkans. NLLT 12: 62–120.
Friday, Feb. 17; 10:30-11:30 All Meeting with Boris Harizanov
    Note place & time change! Meeting is at McGill this week, room 117, at 10:30.
Friday, Feb. 24 Jurij Bozic and Lisa Travis
  • Non-local allomorphy in Kiowa;
  • Mirror Principle Violations in Navajo
  • Bonet, Eulàlila, & Daniel Harbour. 2012. Contextual allomorphy. In The morphology and phonology of exponence, Trommer, J. (ed), Oxford: OUP, pp. 195–235.
  • Harley, Heidi. 2010. Affixation and the Mirror Principle. In Interfaces in Linguistics: New Research Perspectives, Folli, R. & Ulbricht, C. (eds), Oxford: OUP, pp. 166– 186
Friday, March 3 No meeting (Study Break at UQAM and McGill)
Friday, March 10 Meeting cancelled
Friday, March 17 No meeting (Half of group at GLOW)
Friday, March 24 No meeting (MOT is happening at UQAM)
Friday, March 31 Peter Guekguezian (University of Southern California) Toward a Typology of Prosodic Word Structure Effects of Morphosyntactic Phases. Templates as the Interaction of Recursive Word Structure and Prosodic Well-formedness.

    (Ms. Univ. of Southern California).
Friday, April 7 Heather Goad and Lisa Travis DIFFERENT ROOM: DS-3459 The role of phonology in the Navajo Mirror Principle problem Harley, H. 2010. Affixation and the Mirror Principle. In R. Folli & C. Ullbricht (eds). Interfaces in Linguistics, Oxford:OUP, 166-186. 


Friday, April 28 Heather Goad and Lisa Travis The role of phonology in Mirror Principle violations: the case of Navajo & Chilcotin (continued)
Friday, May 12, 8h30-17h Colloque à l’Association francophone pour le savoir, ACFAS 85. Université McGill, Rutherford 114, 3600 rue University. Le mot : syntaxe, morphologie et phonologie Programme ici
 Friday, September 15, 1-2:30  All members  Organizational meeting
 Friday, Sept 22, 1-2:30  No meeting  Manitoba Person Workshop
 Friday, September 29, 1-2:30  Tom Leu  Déchaine and Wiltschko  ‘Decomposing Pronouns’ by R-M. Dechaine and M. Wiltschko (2002; Linguistic Inquiry 33(3), p.409-442)
 Friday, October 6, 1-2:30  Lisa Travis  Malagasy augmented pronouns  Zribi-Hertz, Anne and Liliane Mbolatianavalona. 1999. Towards a modular theory of linguistic deficiency: Evidence from Malagasy personal pronouns. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 17: 161–218.
 Friday, October 13, 1-2:30  Gabe Daitzchman  Ackema and Neeleman Ackema, Peter, and Neeleman, Ad. (2013). Person features and syncretism. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 31(4). 901-950
 Friday, October 20, 1-2:30  Gabe Daitzchman  Daniel Harbour Harbour, Daniel. (2016). Impossible Persons. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.