GLOW40 (Leiden University 2017)

Anja Arnhold (U. of Alberta), Richard Compton (UQAM), & Emily Elfner (UBC)  XP-sized prosodic words: evidence from Inuit

Heather Newell  (UQAM)  There Is No Word. Implications For The Phonology-Syntax Interface

Tom Leu  (UQAM)  Anchoring to the utterance situation: The so-called 3SG suffix in German mach-t and English make-s as present tense variants of the definite article

Mo-MOT 1 (Carlton University 2016)

Jurij Bozic  (McGill) Two Loci of Morphological Neutralization

Laura Grestenberger (Concordia)  A voice allomorphy puzzle in Classical Greek passive

Ievgeniia Kybalchych (UQAM)  The trimorphemic structure of Japanese deictic expressions within a two-dimensional reference system

Tom Leu (UQAM)  Dividing the definite article up between verbal inflection and  personal pronoun

Chris Mauro  (UQAM) Personnes et non-personne en Inuktitut

Heather Newell (UQAM) & Markus Pöchtrager (Boğaziçi University) The case of the missing possessive morpheme

Máire Noonan (McGill)  The Trouble with German Lefties

Lydia Felice  & Lisa Travis  (McGill) The realization of gender morphemes in Kabyle and the Syntax/PF interface


Jurij Božič.  Locality of Exponence in Distributed Morphology: Root Suppletion in Slovenian. Poster presented at NELS 46. October 17th. Concordia University, Montreal, Qc.